sprocket nightmare!


I've just put on a new front sprocket on my 01 S model. I went from a 15 to a 14; the bike has only 200 miles on it. Getting to the point, I ordered the new sprocket from sprocket specialists, and supposedly got a good deal for $12.99. After going for a short ride, I noticed that the insides of the chain plates were staring to get chewed up! I had to take the sprocket off and match the beveling job on the grinding wheel that suzuki did on the stock one. The SS sprocket came to me unfinished. Just wanted to let you all know before you chew up your chain. I guess you get what you pay for. The package said the sprocket was "case hardened". I hope the thing lasts more than 6 months... Write if you've had this or similar experiences.

I have the 14 from Spocket Specailist too and after 4000km it is still in good shape.

I have had a similar experience with Sprocket Specialists. Get a Renthal next time.


When you guys ordered you sprockets did you have to get a shim too?

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Here is a photo of the sprocket, when i cleaned it up to take this pic i noticed it was wore uneven so it was lucky i changed back to the 15T

Baily28 is this like the sprocket you have?

The centre project approx 1/8" out one side and the other face is flat


I put a 14t sprocket on from the sprocket specialists. I can't remember if there was a spacer with it, I seem to think there was. If there were no spacer there would probably be a ridge on the sprocket.

Either way, I believe the ridge or spacer should face inwards.

Is this how yours was fitted? I don't know if that would cause your problem though, looks pretty chewed up!

Just a thought.

Candrz, i put the sprocket on with the 1/8" projection facing in, the dealer told me it did not need a spacer or shim as i see it has also been called in another post.

Obviously something was wrong, i will try to take the 15T off tomorrow and check the dimensions, it seemed to work ok on the bike i just took it off to try the 15/47 gearing again and left it off as i found i prefered that.

i just posted the photo to try and guage the problem with bailey28's sprocket and also have got confused about that shim thing and when i cleaned it up i see i either had it mounted wrong or i was given the wrong sprocket.

It was only on the bike for a week or two tops.

This sprocket confusion has came up before and i wish we could clarify it once and for all especially with the two recent seal failures that cropped up in one day on here :)



Ok i think i had this sprocket on the wrong way around, that center shoulda been out and the dealer should have known that if the sprocket is flat on inside a SHIM is req'd. I asked them about it at the time and they said it didnt need it, strange cause rumor has it Suzuki dealers sell 400E models too!!!???!

Its made more confusing by the fact that there are also sprockets out there with a projection on inside apparently that does'nt need the shim.



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Checked mine and it did come with a shim.


Everyone concerned with the front sprocket, here's what I noticed upon installation. When I compared the stock suzuki to the sprocket specialist, I noticed that the stock one is all one piece, with the "extra" 3mm or so of spacer on the inside closest to the seal. When I looked vertically down onto the stock sprocket, the teeth were beveled nicely into square points, helping the chain mesh with the sprocket. The ss sprocket's teeth were "taller" from roller dip to tip, but the width of the tip of the teeth were just as wide as the splined part. SS did not bevel the sprocket, causing the chain not to mesh as well upon riding. This is what chewed up the chain plates. After I beveled, the teeth had the same profile as the stocker. When I ordered the SS, this same sprocket fit the rm250, rmx 250, dr350, tl125, and a slew of other suzuki's that use a 520-110 chain The they supplied fit perfectly, and the amount of threads showing when I screwed the big 30mm nut back on were the same with the SS setup as with the stocker. I think the alignment I right, I just wish that SS took the time to bevel before sending it out of their factory. They have to know. It works fine now, and I don't even miss the rubber damper, on or off road. As a matter of fact, the 15t stocker was also chewing up my swingarm rubber chain guide.

Suzuki makes a 14 tooth like the stock 15 tooth(with the 3mm ridge). Part# I have is 27511-47D10.

Ok the sprocket i have in the photo has a flat surface on back and would reqire a shim as per 400E, correct me if i am wrong?

It is flat on one side and the center projects out on photo side about 1/8" (3mm)

I use the RM250 sprocket and I dropped it down 2 teeth from stock and no shim was necessary; at least I think as it has been that way for over a year and a whole bunch of hard desert miles. FYI- No leak from the seal either.

Likewise, just a lockwasher and the nut.

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