Gas Tanks

I want a bigger tank for my DRZ-S. Should I buy the Clarke or will the Acerbis fit the S-model. Thanks


I have had the Clarke tank on my DRZS and it has proven durable for a year now. I don't know if the smaller Acerbis will fit the S, but I have seen magazines using them successfully. Somebody here must know...

I put a Clarke on my bike. I wasn't overly impressed with the fit of the tank. I also found I rarely, if ever, had the need for the 3.9 gal capacity. I replaced the Clarke with an IMS 3.2 gal tank (natural color). In my opinion, the IMS 3.2 is the perfect size/proportion for the bike. I added the Cycra oversized shrouds for this weekends' ride. :)

If you want a Clarke 3.9 (blue) let me know!

Im sure ya'll are aware of this already but... whatever tank you buy make sure you specify S, E, or kicker as the S tank uses a completly diferent mounting configuration. Also, the new Acerbis 4.2 tank for the non-S will only fit the E because of an obstruction to the kick starter. I have been looking for an oversized tank for my E for a while but did not see one I liked style wise untill the new 4.2 Acerbis- allas I still could not buy it as I have added the kick kit. I spoke to a guy from Acerbis and he said they were going to try and make a version of the tank that was kicker friendly. Until that day.... :)

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