Split The "S" up please

Hey all I posted this complaint under that WR-vs-DRZ topic, it reads as follows........

Dr. 400

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posted November 23, 2001 08:24 AM


Hey all I'm getting confused reading a post and then it ends with "for the S model"??

Is the "S" model the blue bike with all the blinkers on it and crap??? I think we need to split that bike into another forum because I don't think it's anything like my YELLOW KICK START OFF ROAD ONLY DRZ400!!!!!!

It's very confusing and time wasting for me to read long multi-paragraph post and then have them end with oh ya and this is for the "S" model. Also if my request is way off can someone post the weight, carb jet sizes, and stock equipment so I can see how similar that blue tank is?? Are you understanding what I mean yet???

Please do something about this "S" model confusion before I go nuts!!!!!!!!!


EASY COBRA! Yes I have a S-model

What kind of reply is that? EASY COBRA??????

My lord newby, did you read my post? I didn't ask if you had an "S". I was saying the "S" is nothing like the off road only model, I didn't say that blinker and speedo equipt tank was a bad bike.

The "S" model does however belong in it's own category becuase technically it doesn't share enough similar equipment as the off road only model. It also makes it very confusing when reading post and replies that include "S" model in there answers, then the next guy answers and he doesn't even own the same bike!!!!! :)

I think they should share the same forum. Yes they are a little different but do have some similar parts. I have an S and I have learned a lot from people with the E. Would there be enough people to split the group? Look at some of the other forums, they have a few different bike too.

While I do agree that people should post whether they are asking about the S or the E (or the kicker) when the subject is specific to the one model. But we can all use some common sense when reading the posts, and know who knows, maybe the info you read might help you or a friend out some day.

Keep it togther.

MY S is yellow and have swaped alot of E parts and have removed alot of the S parts ..Keep it the same and clarify S or E !!!!! :)

Split um up....Pleeeease!!

Can't we all just get along?

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...oh sorry, I have the S model :)

Bad enough living up here surrounded by four wheelers with homemade wooden boxes on em , every friggin day some ass says "you coulda bought a four wheeler for that" (thank god i know better) and now you are suggesting we segragate on this forum, thats nice.

See ya im going into hibernation.

Hi my name is Den and i am a 400s rider and it has been four days since my last tankslapper....

Don't make me turn this car around!

I am unsure what the best thing to do is. Over on the Yamaha forum, the YZ/WR are together, even though they are alot different. I think this is a similiar situation to the DRZ/E DRZ/S situation. Both engines are the same, except tuned differently, both trannies are the same, frames, wheels etc. etc. I think they should be together. I for example learned TONS from everybody here and have had different config. done to my bike and finally settled with a combination of both E & S worlds. Whatever....I think they are extremely similiar models, which are of the same Suzuki family, heck even on the web site (Suzuki) they share almost all pages together!!!! Keep it together. BUT if they do split, I'll post on BOTH boards because I have parts from both bikes!!!!!!

Christ sakes Dr. 400, are you so hopeless that you can't do a quick scan of a message to see if there is an S or an E in the message. There is also a search feature on the board.

I think someone had suggested before that we should put an 'S' or 'E' say at the end of the topic line. This would catagorize each post. But we would have to follow that protocol consistently, otherwise it would not work. We should NOT have seperate forums, the two bikes share the same platform, ya know, like a Firebird and Camaro. :) Just my 2 pennies.


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Christ sakes Dr. 400, are you so hopeless that you can't do a quick scan of a message.....

I'm finding also that lots of people don't even have basic english skills here either.

GNU I had a simple request if you wanna get nasty just let me know and I'll leave this forum for good! Oh and by the way GNU the correct word to use would be HELPLESS! not HOPELESS you co--sucker!!!!!!!!!

I don't need someone like GNU insulting my intelligence over a simple request. Reject my request and let it go dont take personal pop shots at me and expect me to turn my head.

Dr.400,I agree with you,but I knew a few of the S model guy's would jump you on that one. :D It's been brought up before. :)

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Originally posted by z4me:

...oh sorry, I have the S model :D

Where have you been?I don't think I've even seen you over at the wr forum. :)

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I got five bucks on the Dr.

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Originally posted by Tennessee Thumper:

Where have you been?I don't think I've even seen you over at the wr forum. :)

I haven't been as active on the boards this year - new baby, bathroom renovation, a dual sport and an offroad motorcycle have been occupying most of my time. Oh yeah - the wife too :D

All I can say about splitting the group up is to echo what has been said in the past about it: strength is in numbers, sticking together in the sport overall is going to help, and discriminating will only hurt. So what if you don't get anything out posts from S owners - it is a free service, live with it.

To Dr. 400 - If you look at the post that you started this dialog in a few things come to mind: 1) The very first sentence says "I now have a DRZ 400 s 2001 ..." - pretty clear there. 2) He was talking about possibly buying a DRZ dirt model or a WR - so you could have contributed instead of detracted. 3) 90% of the parts are the same on the S and the E. - whether you agree or not there is information useful to both camps. 4) ...and finally, in this post - slamming someone for their choice of words and then resorting to name calling shines a pretty good light on your character.

Uh, Doc ...

In your first sentence, remove the words "also," "even," and "either." Replace the slang word "lots of" with "many." Note that "english" is the name of a language in your sentence. As a proper noun, it should be capitalized.

In your second sentence, "GNU" addresses someone, so place a comma after it. Replace "wanna" with "want to." The phrases "I had a simple request" and "you wanna [sic] get nasty just let me know" and "I'll leave this forum for good!" are all independent clauses - and form a run-on sentence. Consider placing semicolons between the clauses or break the clauses up into sentences. "Oh and by the way GNU" is an introductory clause, so you might want to put a comma after that phrase. It doesn't need the word "and;" use a comma after the word "Oh." You are incorrect about GNU's use of the word "hopeless." Doc, you are hopeless. BTW: Consider using an 'angry' face instead of all those exclamation marks. :D Period after the word "go." You left out the apostrophe for the contraction "don't."

Study my revision before you comment on the language used on this forum. I'd hate to see you become Dr. Hypocrite at the forum.

I'm finding that many people don't have basic English skills here.

GNU, I had a simple request. If you want to get nasty just let me know. I'll leave this forum for good! Oh, by the way GNU, the correct word to use would be HELPLESS! not HOPELESS, you co--sucker! :D

[skipped sentence - Hey, you got one right!] Reject my request and let it go. Don't take personal pop shots at me and expect me to turn my head."

Oh yea, one more thing Doc: It's not "pop shots" its "pot shots," you co--sucker!


Yes CrazyLuke!!!! It is about time some body with some good literary skills can shoot down a person that attacks those who don't :D:D:):D:D:D

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