Posting pics

How are you guys getting your pics posted on the picture section of this forum...Can't find any instructions to do this....

Go to, sign up put pics in home page, after that right click on pic, go to properties ,left click on that and you will see the http://, than use Instant UBB Code IMAGE when you want to post here, and type in ,and it must be a jpg .I hope you can get all that :)

I tried to get onto, no dice any other suggestions on getting pics onto the forum...

If you have a few pictures you would like posted (at least for a few weeks or months or so...)

E-mail them to me. I can post I think 6 megs of files to my AOL FPT space. Thats where I save all my pictures to.

I can then e-mail you back the link for the pictures, just plug the URL in!

I will after a certain period of time, delete the pictures, to keep my FTP space cleaned out a bit, but that happens few and far between!


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