My 06 450 LE and my Wife

My 450 has lost weight over the last few years..

My 450 cost less than $7000.00 ..

I can ride my 450 as hard as I feel like when ever I want...

My 450 doesn't get jealous If I check out my friends bike or even ride it..

MY Le reminds me of a super model , all the right stuff..

when I'm done riding my 450 I can immediately have a beer with my buddies who also just finished riding..

My 450 has never ever said no, but has asked for more one way abuse..

If my 450 shows signs of ware, new plastics and a graphic kit is all I need..

My 450 is happy sitting in my garage with my other bikes until it's her turn to been ridden..

My 450 likes to get dirt, as long as I hose her off when I'm done..

??????????? Am I sick or Is this my mid life thing ?????

I do love my wife but .. dam I love my 450

don't we all :thumbsup:

can i ride your LE?


Love those days when my buddies and I swap bikes get to ride 3 or 4 in a day.....LOL

I almost forgot,

MY 450 never asks if we're done yet????

HA HA HA :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk::bonk:

I even let my friends ride my 450 :thumbsup:

I even let my friends ride my 450 :thumbsup:

You swingers are so kinky. :thumbsup:

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