400E Numberplate OEM Wanted


What's the hot setup for the front numberplate to get rid of the headlight. Maybe a discguard to match. Original perfect match yellow desired. Retro yellows don't make it. I'll do white if I have to.

1) manufactures ?

2) websites ?


Cycra makes a great number-plate/shroud combo. I got it but have not had the chance to install it yet.


Laser scanned, CNC milled mold production process for exact replication. Highest grade polypropylene raw materials. Exact color match. Fits exactly like stock. Pre-drilled for quick, easy installation. Additional strength rails in some applications. Molds hands-polished for that factory quality finish.

Part Number

Description NP RM12/25*01 N.YW ACERBIS

Price $ 19.99

i saw this on hipersports.com for 2001 rm250 . Acerbis rad shrouds suck and are real brittle for woods. If cold they can blow up if you cough near them and hurt kids. However the color match is perfect and the number plate being brittle shouldn't be an issue.

It isn't a bolt-on but shouldnt be too tough. I have a drz400 and son has an rm250 so if you want me to look a little closer I can but he has scrwd up the top mount and uses a zip tie.

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