%$#$!@#$ crap

So I had a minor get off last weekend. Nothing to hard and I bent my brake side radiator. I couldn't belive it. So I go to order a new radiator and they tell me it's on back order. Might be 2 weeks. I go to order radiator braces and those are on back order. &%$#@! :thumbsup:

Don't order new radiators. Get them fixed at Mylers. Ship him your radiator, he'll fix it in one day, and ship it back to you usually for about $35.plus shipping 1 800 367 7699 or motorcycleradiators.com

Man I hope that works. That would save me a ton o cash

I have used him twice in one week before and alot of my friends have used him more than once. Like new!

Now thats good info..............thanks for sharing it w/ us! :thumbsup:

He's fixed each side of my pretzeled radiators better than new. He completely dismantled them and welded them back with extra bracing. Over 1,000 miles since repair and not a hint of a leak. Seriously better than new.

I plopped my 06 in the mud and bent the radiator a little as well as managed to push the elbow fitting on the bottom (right side rad) up and in a bit... I fixed mine by just grabbing ahold and bending it back (carefully!) and I have zero leaks thus far. Hopefully my WC radiator cages will prevent future problems with bent rads.

Mylers is legendary!

MYLER'S !! :thumbsup:





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