Radiators for sale ? Maybe

Am going to check on the price of a complete "S" cooling system for my "E". If I can do it for under 1K I'll probably do it. I put the system off my S on my E and it seems to have taken care of the overheating problems. This weekend will tell the tale. If so I will sell my E rads and get the new S system to put back on my S. Suzuki should have done this to begin with but if they had it would have been the first perfect bike I ever bought. Any one interested?

I have 2001 E. Will your's fit???

If yes please email me at gandk@valint.net with price ect.


I'd be interested in the left E rad.

I believe the 2000 will fit the 01's. Will probably price them at about half of the price of new ones, whatever that is. Rads are in real good shape with no bends or leaks.

i need the right side bad, i think you would call it the right side, the side with the cap. email me at crazycd1@neo.rr.com if you still have it!

Will get back to you guys, [gals ?] on tuesday with availability and price.

I need to install radiator guards on my 400S. Are the "S" model rads different than the E and 400 models? Iv'e seen guards for dirt models, will they fit my S model?


No, the radiators are different. The Devol radiator guards everyone sees all the time only works on the E and kick. Your only option is the Thumper Racing radiator guards.


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