Aqualine Safari 4 gallon tank

Anyone tried this. The 6 + gallon tank is overkill but a 4 Gallon would be nice for DS rides. About $100 more than the Acerbis 3.3.


This sounds great. I have never heard of the company who makes the tank, but I would be very interested in this.

Yes, does anyone have experience with this tank?

just looked at their site and at first all i saw was their 26 liter tank, what a monster. the 15.5 L looks good and i wouldn't need new shrouds on my 04. anyone with more info please respond. 4 gallons would be about right if it was narrow enough and built well.

That thing is beefy. It looks as though the shrouds hold gas too, interesting yet scary :thumbsup:

Wow.... That's right up my alley... 4 gallons is perfect for me.. :thumbsup:

where are they forsale?

Aqualine in Australia makes them. They are difficult to get in the US and cost about $1,000. AUS prepaid with delivery. :thumbsup:

You can call Aqualine Industries in

Australia country code is 61

Australian city code 03

phone number is: 5729-5556


where are they forsale?

Looks like they're based in North Carolina. The tank design looks similar to the KTM shroud tanks. Someone needs to bite the bullet, spend the $350, and get a product report up.


holy sh*t 8.9gal!!!!

I have 3.3 I can't imagine 8.9!!!

holy sh*t 8.9gal!!!!

I have 3.3 I can't imagine 8.9!!!

scroll down.

we are talking about the 15.5L not the 23L tank.

23L is pointless on a WR.

at that point you might as well buy a 640 adventure or xr650r with a 21L tank....................

[ Someone needs to bite the bullet, spend the $350, and get a product report up.

im tempted...........but broke................ who is up to try it out?

I agree with Simon!

The Pick of 4 Gallon looks like a reasonable size for the WR450. The bigger tank is crazy! The prices have come way down since they have a US distributor. I looked at these a year ago and they were tough to get.

Has anyone figured out how the tank bolts to the frame. It is hard to tell if you could get a bolt into the stock mounting position??? :thumbsup:


that looks nice, would need some stickers or a blue 4 gall one would be nicer looking.

Called today to order a four gallon one. I'll post my experiences, both with the dealer and also my reaction to the tank. I haven't had any personal contact with the acerbis or IMS tanks, so any direct comparisons are going to be difficult.

yes let us know how you like it, and what it looks like on your rig, especially if you put some decals on there........

there is what my 3.3 looks like. it's not a safari, but just to give you an option

It would look beter if it was blue:S



thanks, looks nice, I think i may end up getting that one also...

Farmer Hank. Have you received the tank yet?

Just installed my IMS 3.4 tonight, I was surprised how much bigger it was over stock. I cant imagine running one much bigger. The 4 might not be bad that 6 gallon sucker would be friggin monsterous.

The Safari tanks are made here in Australia. We tested 3 of them back in January for the manufacturer and they are great. We fitted them to a WR250 2004, WR250 2005 and a WR450 2006. I managed to put 16.8 litres into mine with still a cupfull of fuel left in the bottom so they are very close to a 17 litre tank. They are still slim to ride with, about the same as a 03/04 10 litre tank between the knees and slightly wider (about 1/2 an inch) at the radiators. On more open trails they are fantastic. We were getting between 230-260kms per tank depending on the rider. They do feel bigger than the standard 8 litre tank in tighter riding but still very ridable. You can notice the extra weight when full of fuel over jumps, but if you like to explore lots of trails or ride fast open tracks the extra range opens lots more possibillitys. They also protect the radiators from side impacts and you can keep your shrouds and shiney graphics like new for resale. I had a IMS 3.3 gallon tank before this and although the Safari tank feels slightly larger to ride with, those extra kms per tank make all the difference. The Safari tank is better built as well.

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