Aqualine Safari 4 gallon tank

does the smaller 3 gallon tank still use stock rad shrouds?

I'm still waiting for the tank I ordered. It wasn't in stock so I'll probably be waiting a couple of weeks for the tank to ship and clear customs. Nothing much going on till the tank appears. To answer the question about shrouds--It doesn't use them. The tank has fuel capacity in the area where the stock shrouds are located - there are pictures on the website for aqualine.

I have a 2003 WR450F with the Acerbis 6.6 Gallon tank and love it. It lists that it only fits the '05 and '06 years, but it fits the '03 and '04 as well. When it's full of fuel you can't expect to be throwing down heel clickers or such, but i can go 400 km on a tank when i go out to explore the backcountry, and that is what i wanted. I have the stock tank for around town riding. I ate sh#t :ride: on my way to work the other day and cartwheeled down the trail. The tank took the full impact and all that happend was that the two plastic brackets that mount from the tank to the frame broke and the tank got two small scratches. I expected alot more damage :crazy: . The size of the tank depends on what you want it to enable you to do. It was $485 Can.



Do you know if it fits a 01 WR426 too?

Wonder how well those shrouds hold up rashing over desert rocks??? :ride:

Yeah, looks like it could get expensive/messy/dangerous when you drop her. that's why I went with the 3.3 gallon Acerbis tank so it fit close to stock using stock shrouds..

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