Portland area suspension shop?

Decided to breakdown and get my forks and shock revalved. Can anybody recommend a good shop in the Portland, OR area?

I looked in Portland area and could not find anyone I trusted. If you find some one let me know.

I have would call Scotts and talk to them I've had them do my suspension for the last 5 years.

They do a good job and are prompt. Just let them know what type of riding you do and how much you weight ect.

I had my XR 400 lowered by 1 1/2" three years ago and it turned out great.

I have a 2001 DRZ 400 E. When it get time to do a rebuild on it's suspension I am going to have Scotts do the same thing to it.

Happy Trails


Just had mine redone (DRZ400E) at Pro motion (they use Race tech stuff)...

Dave was great! I have just one ride on the new set up and wow the bike actually handles and turns!

It's amazing!

Por Motion is next to Anderson Cycle in Vancouver.

Can't go wrong!

Thanks Toomuch. I'll give them a call. How much do they charge for the forks and shock revalve?

My whole set up was about $650...

But that included springs and I had Dave set it up!

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