Range on a full tank WR450F

Hey guys, im new to the group here and was wondering what is the best economy you can expect with a stock ride? Im hoping to buy one real soon and wondered how far i can get on a stock tank or should i upgrade to a larger one. thanks in advance for your help.

You should be able to get 50-60 out of a new one on the trail. The 03s were about a half gallon bigger. They go around 75 miles. If racing or wide open reduce by 10-20 miles.

Once again, Search button Dude!!

Buts here's a quick answer stock tank 40-60 miles.

Ascerbis 3.2 90-110 miles.

Thanks guys, and I did hit the search button b4 posting this and my other post, found some info on it but not exactly what I wanted. Best economy on an 06 WR450 in miles/km is what i wanted, as i plan to put a street kit on mine and wanted to get a bit further then this under ideal dirt road driving.....Thanks.

Most mags rated it for 42 miles/tank on average.

wow, that's only about 20 MPG, again lower then I imagined for trail type riding.

im getting 160 - 170 km until i hit reserve commuting with 15/42 gearing/17" rim

06 stock tank (smaller than most)

av speed 60kmh

now that's better, that is' what i was hoping for, I guess with a larger tank 200KM shouln'dt be a problem riding easy...about 70km/h

it would be a bit of a problem with stock gearing

im running alot taller gearing but then again my rear wheel is smaller

however 15/42 gearing is alot different to the stock 14/50

best realisation is i can barely powerwheelie (although i am 95kg)

Yeah, you can't have it all, Im planning on putting a dual/sport kit on mine and make it an awesome dual purpose rig, as the XT225 is just way too small for me. I will play with the gearing also for a good all around mixture.

I heard about a guy name of Charles Lindbergh that made it all the way across the Atlantic on one tank of gas in his WR450F. :thumbsup:

Yeah, im 6'4" and 250 pounds so yeah i was sad to see the xt was so small, then i got excited when i found you could get a dual kit for the WR, sweet..... :thumbsup:

I heard about a guy name of Charles Lindbergh that made it all the way across the Atlantic on one tank of gas in his WR450F. :thumbsup:

1 tooth rear sprocket? lol

i cant even fathom how many changes u gotta do for that kinda mileage

100 liter tank? gears? sprockets? definitely clutch!

smallest sprocket i could find was 39 i think

and im at 42 dragging the clutch x2 of stock on subtle takeoffs (ie cops starring at you)

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