Can I get more power and snap for $500?

I want more power and snap for around $500 what items can I get that would improve the preformance? :D:D:D:D:D:D:):D

Have you rejetted and done the airbox mod yet?? I personally plan on spending the big money on setting up the suspenison for a 215lb. rider :)

I have a 2001 400E. I rejetted carb and put on Yoshimura exhaust system. This really woke my bike up. I also did the airbox modification.

Not sure which model of DRZ you have or what type of riding you do. I ride 80% trail and 20% road.

I also found that a 13 tooth front sprocket worked well for technical trail and I could put the 14 back on if I wanted to ride fire roads or desert.

The Yoshimura is loud but if you want the performance on a four stroke it's hard to get the performance with out the increase in sound. I bought the extra end caps the only time I use them is if I know I am riding in an area where there is going to be a lot of people.

I also recommend the Baja Designs skid plat with the side plate protectors. It has already saved me some headaches.

Hope this helps.


I'm thinking of selling my Yosh slip-on in excellent condition.

Let me know if you are interested.

rejet, open airbox, screaming exhaust

Spend the 460 on suspension revalve and the correct springs front/rear!

Then pop out the snorkel under the seat!

Buy 165 main and a 48 pilot plus the mixture screw extension from Jesse at Kientech. $40 here.

Drill out the stock exhaust!

Your set!

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