DRZ 400 E Rocks....

For a 28 year old and only riding for about 3 years now this machine is primo....I use to ride a kdx 200 and don't even want to get back on them again...My suzuki only has 95 miles on it and it has so much hidden power just waiting to be released.... Thumpers definitely turn heads... :)

I had a 93 Kdx200 for 5 years and an 87 model Kdx before that before buying my 400S and i agree i could never go back to two strokes.

I was considering a KDX220 for a buddie bike but after all the fun with my thumper i think a second hand XR250 might be better, i like just riding up to the pumps for fuel no mixing oil :)

Glad i gave up smoking..haha

Den 01s

Kind of strange all these people riding the good old KDX bikes, then switching to the DRZ. I rode a 84 KDX 250, then a 89 KDX 200, and finally a 96 KDX 200. I recently switched to the DRZ this last summer. I'll never go back.

I was thinking about getting a kdx!! Then i sat on the drz and hit the button!! :) Previous bike was a clapped out xr 4 that i never should've bought. Damn, gotta love that button!!

I also started with a KDX200. I was looking to buy another one and fell in love with the DRZ. I still have the KDX, but I have not been on it since this past spring.


This is getting wierd. I had a KDX200 also...........

Started with a XR250R, handled good needed more motor, little **** ran it's heart out for me. Now I have an "E" and I after I did the suspension the fun factor doubled.

My first dirt riding experience was this past October and it was on a XR250 and a KDX200. For me personally I liked the KDX200 since it was very easy for me to kick start, for a beginner that is very important. The XR is a nice bike but I had a very hard time starting it, and for me it was heavy to pick up. The weight issue is a big deal to me since I am not as strong as you guys are. Also, I want to have a kick start so I can learn better throttle control.

Until that first dirt bike experience I planned on getting the DRZ400. The people I went riding with talked me out of it and I know why now. This spring I am going to purchase a KDX220. I plan on having that bike for about 3 or 4 years ... maybe by that time the DRZ400 will be made lighter and I will be ready for the e-button and the more power!

GreenRanger - Congrats on your new purchase!

Kim.There was a good write up in Dirtbike mag testing the KDX220 with the KTM200 and modified Yam 125 some months ago.

The KDX220 with some mods still came out good value for money.

If you still wanted a fourstroke what about the KTM400EXC? Its about as lightweight as you can get in a thumper and with electric start, pricey though.

[ December 04, 2001: Message edited by: dendrz ]

I actually learned how to ride on a very trick 1990 KDX200. The DRZ rules. However, I find myself attempting to modify so I can achieve the violent burst that KDX had. I'm getting there...

Dendrz - thanks for the idea. I would love to get the KTM but I can't see that being a good first bike. Let me trash up the KDX first then I will think of the DRZ or KTM. I heard that KTM will be making a 250 four-stroke soon that can be another option. From what it looks like, alot of you guys started on KDX's. Looks to me that I can't go wrong learning on the 220. Coming off a street bike, I thought I could handle alot more bike ... I found out wrong. I think I would discourage myself by getting anything bigger.

I am going to look up that write up from Dirtbike on the web. Hopefully they post stuff like that on their website, if they have one at all.

Take care!

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