how much power should this yz426 have? and clutch?

great first post....we are waiting in anticipation of your next one.

I got $20 that says he is really the drunken guy.....someone do an ip search ! LOL

Nope, not unless 'getdrunk' figured out how to use spell check.

Thank you for noticing.

None, at least until you give up drinking and get your grades up. If you're incapable of focusing enough attention on something to accomplish that, you probably should not be on a motor vehicle in the first place. And if you don't understand why almost no one on this forum has any respect for a sixteen year-old who promotes himself as being "always mestd up (sic)" and adds that the first among his "interests" is drinking, then get your father to explain it to you. If he can't, ask around. You don't have any respect for yourself. Why should we do something you won't?

school? screw that im stoping going to school to day cause if i cant come back next year then im just not coming no more.

Please stay at Glamis with the rest of your kind. We don't need any more of our real riding areas shut down for the better sound your shorty-ass no packing can will make.

i run a shorty yes but i DO run packing. nothing is going to get shut down cause i ride only usualy on my land and when i go out to the trails i go to the pipe line its all sand and their are no houses for miles. the pipe line is wear any thing can go on it truks/dirt bikes/gocarts/sand rails/exc....

sound on the pipe line dont realy matter cause no one is around to even here it except the chipmonks n birds.

damb now i want to go ride at the pipe line :ride:

so whear i ride i cause no harm except for close by my house one lady gots her undies in a bundle.

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