2001 drze

what do i need to look out for on buying a used 2001 drze?

Originally posted by Damage:

You poor buggar. You'd think someone would help you out. I think the bikes are still too new to know what bits get broke etc. I can't help much but I guess all I can say is that you just look for the usual stuff like whether the bike looks as though it's been looked after etc. Ask to see the service history. Ask how often they change the oil. Have a look at the air filter. The bike should look clean with everything adjusted right. The mileage may not help as they may have left the odometer off and only reconnected for sale. The best thing to do is to get someone who has mechanical knowledge and take them with you when you are looking. Take your time and get a good one. Best of luck.

I have not heard of any major problems with the 01 model. I have had small problems with mine due to trail riding. i have read some posts on valves becoming tight, but am not sure if this applies to the 01 model or the 00 model.

If the bike is not on a stand, see if you can put it on one and check bearings with the weight of the bike on the box. Grab the wheels and shake in all directions looking for abnormal play or sounds. Check for missing bolts, dust caps, or zerk fittings. Check the steering head bearings for play. Swingarm also. I would also recomend you bring someone along who can provide a second opinon. If anything seems wrong or out of place, question it. Good luck! :)

Check for engine case damage and bent radiators these are easily damaged on these bikes in even a light fall.

If the bike has atermarket skidplate and rad guards that would be a bonus as they would be your first add ons.

If the bike has been rejetted or had suspension mods done write them down as the 'E' guys on here can give lots of good advise on any glitches that you might find down the trail.

Good luck in your quest :)



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