What is the best price in Canada you got for your 06 WR450F?

Just wondering what kind of deals you guys got here in Canada on purchasing the new 06 WR450? List price is $8599 CAD

just to give you some idea of what is happening around the world ...

$8,599 (CAN) = $10,203 (AUS)

I paid $10,900 (AUS) for my '05 450 in October '05. That price included full road registration and insurance plus all free mods were done to the bike by the dealer prior to me collecting it inc.:

Throttle stop

Adjustable racing needle

#48 Pilot

#172 Main

Airbox snorkel removed and Airbox cut-out done

Exhaust Baffle removed

25% off ANY accessories for a period of 7 days - inc riding gear !!

In Australia we don't need to worry about AIS and this is disconnected and plugged by the dealer before a bike even gets onto the showroom floor - just goes to show that there's no harm done to the bike when the poor Californians have to do it themselves !

Since then i have disconnected the Grey wire, added a GYT-R exhaust and fine tuned the jetting - now she rips !!

If your price includes some or all of these services out-the-door for an '06 then i reckon you're getting a pretty good deal ... enjoy !!

Thanks but List price is the price the manufacturer recomends the dealership sells it for, plus everything like tax/registration, etc....

While not in Canada I live 3 miles from the BC border. I paid $6599US ($7585CAN) out the door for a WR450F in Ponderay, ID. Ask for Rick at Ponderay Yamaha if you are interested.

Thanks but getting it over the border is a hastle, and it's on the wrong coast, im on the east coast...

I live near the border too. I think they are listing for about $8500 CDN but you can easily get one for under $8K with a little negotiating.

I've purchased a total of 9 WRs from Canada in the past. It used to be a great deal back then when the VIN numbers were clean for street titles and the US dollar was stronger. I had a good system going for a while. The dollar isn't what it used to be up there and Yamaha dealers are being charged an extra 10% to sell outside of the country.

What do you mean the vins were clean for street use? they are not now?

What do you mean the vins were clean for street use? they are not now?

From 1998 to 2004 the VIN numbers had a flag in the number so that the bike's could never be street legal (in my state). Canadian bikes had clean VINs, meaning no "3" or "C" placed in the 8th digit of the VIN number.

Yes, they are clean now...

Ah, cool, thanks for the info.

I paid $500 off the MSRP in Halifax.

$8000-8400 out the door is a good price.

what do you pay for tax over there?

I paid $8100 OTD here in Calgary. Its tough to bargain since they go like hotcakes...

yeah, best deal i could get is $8000 even plus tax,

$6999 @ Blackfoot 2 months ago.

is that a typo? r you sure you never meant 7999 ??? that's way less then cost.

$6999 @ Blackfoot 2 months ago.
For an '06? :crazy:

The best deal i could find was 7900 but it cost me 100 bux for shipping to get it to me, so i went with the local dealer at $8000 plus tax.

I paid $6999 + $400pdi + tax (7%) = 7900 and change out the door from Blackfoot. They had the 06's going for $7499 + pdi + tax and I was going to go for it at that price and then they dropped their price another $500. These are also online prices so keep an eye on www.blackfootmotorsports.com

Good luck.


Are you sure youre not talking American Dollars......

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