What is the best price in Canada you got for your 06 WR450F?

I paid $6999 + $400pdi + tax (7%) = 7900 and change out the door from Blackfoot. They had the 06's going for $7499 + pdi + tax and I was going to go for it at that price and then they dropped their price another $500.
A $400 PDI eh? Sounds like a numbers game to make the base price as small as possible ...but $7400 CDN plus tax is still a good deal even on a left over 05...which I gather is what we are talking about here?

yeah, it's like ebay, buy it for a dollar and 500 for shipping, lol

Yep, I was going to get 5 CRF450Xs from Blackfoot since they had good prices and after negotiating for a five bike purchase, they upped the price on me. Thats AFTER I signed the contract for a deposit. This isn't the first time they have done that. I also saw the 06 WR $6999 price and after summing up all extra charges it comes to near $8000 OTD. Blackfoot can kiss my a$$ and I went to Walts and got it for $8100 OTD with waaaay better service. Its only a $100 for dealing with good people, good service where employees actually remember your name instead of Blackfoot where I've been going for nearly 6 years and everytime I see Sean the parts manager he says "Hello sir, you're new to biking are you?" :ride:

I will still go there once in a while since they are close to my house to purchase some oil/oil filter, but they will never see a big purchase from me.

Sorry for the rant.


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