Lighten me up please DRZ400S

Ihave the 400s i love the bike it has good power

tracks very well,but it is too heavy for the type

of riding im doing,what is the easiest way to shed

some pounds,

How many pounds would i loose by getting a plastic

tank and so on?

An after market exhaust would lighten you up a bit. I know the Yosh claims aprox 7lb difference from stock. I would imagine getting rid of the metal tank would also help.

If you get a plastic tank, aluminum bars, acerbis headlight & taillight & signals front/rear, remove all reflectors, remove tool pouch, buddy pegs, get yourself an aluminum kickstand, finally install a full exhaust system. I weighed each item and these mods are worth over 25 lbs!!!

The plastic tank i think would be the most beneficial in that aswell as saving weight it would also be more durable.

The locking gas cap alone weighs quite a lot somebody posted once what the difference would be between the standard tank and a Clarke plastic. Anyone Know?


01 400S

Clarke tanks is 2 lbs less than stock Steel S tank.

Gets costly to trim more weight off.

2 Lbs off the bike for $155 USD (and then shipping costs etc) but then you have the advantage of a more durable tank.

Replacing the headlight would be the next option, again if it was something more crash friendly it would benifit too. The glass lens original is not.


01 400S

Has anyone found any good graphics for the Clarke tanks? I'd like to get the blue plastic tank for my S, but would miss the Suzuki graphic.

How much weight would an aftermarket headlight save? How much does the stock headlight assembly weigh? I'm also thinking about the option of just putting on a number plate.

Has anyone made an aluminum kickstand? Any idea on how much weight that would save? What parts did you use?


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