not a 4-stroke but its cheap (99 rm250)

owned by 39 year old slow guy in good condition (the bike that is) with lots of extras $2700 or best offer.located in upper mich. 5 bikes in garage and one of these days my wife will go out there and count them.

I know a guy that told his wife he would give up fast toys. He bought a new Corvette and stashed it across town in a rented garage. One day his insurance man called the house not knowing that the wife didn't know about the car and ask if he should put the same coverage on it as the rest of the family cars. Well **** hit the fan, and she wanted all the details plus she wanted to see the vette. He took her across town and before taking her inside he had to confess that there was a new V-max in there also. She took the check book away and he had to sell the bike.

plese do me a favor and ask your friend if he might be interested in a used 99 rm250. thanx

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