The Straw that broke the camel's back

I guess the point is that "some" of us were trying to make here is that all machines need maintenance, have some inherent idiosyncrasies & eventually either wear out and/or fail. This can happen right off the showroom floor, after a few hundred or few thousand or after 10's of thousands of miles. Maintenance is key, but not a guarantee. :ride:

You, the operator, need to be aware of what might be wrong & take whatever action to correct the problem, either diagnosing it yourself, having a qualified repair shop do it, or in your case selling the bike.

From what I've read you probably made the right decision since at first you said your were going to grenade the bike anyway... :crazy:

Opinions, just like the ones expressed here, are like a--holes. Everybody's got one. Point being is don't take it so seriously... :ride:

OP = idiot, and full of BS to boot. :laughing:

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