Jimmy Buttons

Will they bolt right into the stock clamps? Who makes a good setup to raise them a bit more? I am 6'1" with a 35" inseam and the stock bars are too low. I bought the buttons but have not installed yet.

I got the cr highs and they clamped on with no problem. I am about 6'2", I will go to glamis for the first time this weekend and try them out. I also just put on a paddle tire. This will be my first time to glamis. I am a little nervous but we'll see how it goes!!!

I'm 6'4" and added the Thumper Racing bar risers ($79) and a pair of Jimmy Button Renthals ($69). The risers will move the bars 1.5" forward and 1.5" up. The bars are a great high bend. If you still have the stock bars, get the Buttons first.

I spent the weekend in Plaster City. That is the last time I want to ride with the stock bars. let's hook up and ride sometime.

It depends upon which Jimmy Buttons you are talking about. Regular Renthal aluminum bars, yes.....ProTapers, no.

I also run the Thumper racing 1.5 risers but with the pro-taper Pastrana (sp?) freestyle bend. I'm 6'5" and this combo is perfect. The only thing to keep in mind when looking at bars and risers is diameter. Kits are availabe to make a small tube riser adapt to a large tube bar, but not vice-versa. Also , if you add the riser adapter to your stock clamp it will raise the bars another inch. Then a high-bend bar may be too high.

I had Renthal Buttons on my 2k DRZ400E with stock clamps and liked them a lot better than stock. Rotated forward with their mininal sweep they are even better than the CR Hi Bend if you want forward and taller.

I picked up a 2001 DRZ400E which has the BRP triple clamp. It is slightly more forward and taller at the bar mounts. It has the tallest TAG 2 bars which I thought were CR high Bends. Knowing in advance that I wanted even taller like my old Buttons but being happy the new bike had the fat bar clamps with Scotts Damper all setup I went and ordered a set of Pastrana Free style Pro Tapers. These are about .6 inches taller than even the Buttons which are 1.1 inches taller than the Cr Hi bends. The Pastranas are an inch narrower.

So I get my shipment from Rocky Mountan and anxiously rip the pro taper box open. Nice bars but they appear to be not much higher than my Tag bars. I do not know what these Tag bars are called but All I know is for the $100 difference I could have kept the TAg 2 on forever as I am really happy with them also. I have not mounted the Pro Taper Pastranas yet but they are defenatly way tall. When I do they will get a fresh set of Maier type handguards clamped right to the Triple clamps.

My Tag 2 with Cycra Pro Bend guards mounted to the bars will be for sale soon. The plastic is the 2k color but pretty trashy anyway. Bars, Guards and plastic $100. That is basically 1/2 price. If you want to mount them to the stock triple clamp you will need to order the 1 1/8" bar adapters which will raise the bars another .75 inches. Tag sells them for $46.99 thru Chaparrall. Reach me at venturov@aol.com

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