resale value

I'm thinking about selling my R, I realize the bike is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but my question is what do you think would be a fair price?

02 650R


full FMF powercore with powerbomb header

uni filter

Scotts top triple clamp, damper, pro taper 1-1/8 bars

Trailtech Lynx computer with handlebar mounted remote, magnesium housing

Scotts rear rotor guard

Works Connection Rad guards

Works Connection skid plate

Replaced clutch guide/bushing

Kritters right footpeg

Eibach springs front and back for 240lbs. rider

Acerbis barkbusters

Tires in great shape

- all original parts

new brake pads

all the special tools go with it, fork, swing arm tools etc

plastic is in good shape, normal scratches from riding in the woods and from boots

Any idea what I should be able to get for it?

In all honesty probaly not too much. Because aftermarket parts hardly raise the price of a bike, unless of course it is at the dealer. Where they always raise the prices. But you might be happy for the price you get for it, but that is trying to think of what you will get for it. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

put all the original parts back on and sell the aftermarket ones on ebay. you will pretty much get the same price for the bike either way but you will make what i would guess is at least another 600 on ebay. just the exhaust alone would probably fetch 350. and the clamp with dampener may go for 250 plus all of the miscelanous stuff you have.

i say 3100 and the bike should sell quickly.

add that with the 600 from ebay and you got 3700 for a bike that will move quickly rather then trying to ask 3700 for it and not having anyone even call.


Screw the price, why the sale???

Tim there's only a few of us that can't live without a 650r.

PM sent...LET me know what you think :thumbsup:

Tim there's only a few of us that can't live without a 650r.

Guess your right. I'll miss my

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