Compression & Rebound ajustments

I was wondering what everyone else is doing regarding compressoin and rebound ajustments on front and rear. I figured I would just back off the clickers one notch at a time and see if I bottom out on the hard hits. If so go the other way. I have also heard you should go the same amount on the rear as you do the front to keep it in perportion to factory settings. I kinda a figured the faster and harder you ride the stiffer you want it? :)


See the comments to my thread entitled "Handling and Stability at Speed" I think the info is there you are looking for.

Are you a newbie to the DRZ also?


Yes I am back to riding dirt. If you remember the movie On Any Sunday that was how it was the last time a was doing it. Lots of great changes in bikes. Sure don't like all the Whoops that turned up on some old trails I revisited!

Can't seem to getback far enough in the archives to retrieve the post you are refering to. If any body can copy it to me it would be great or just give me some highlights. Thanks

EZGZ, its not archived yet it was posted on the 25th, set your pref for 'show topics last 10 days'

just look down about 10 topics

WoW! Don't see how I missed it. That is a lot of information to swallow. I can't wait to do some field testing. There seems to be a infinit amount of things to play with. Thank You for your patience! :)

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