2000 drz400 off road modifications

I remember reading about certain modifications to make on the stock version to improve performance. the bike is totally stock, no changes were made yet. can you share with me what changes should be made and possible aftermarket pipes work best.

I just bought a used 2000 DRZE. It came with a Yoshimura RS-3 Stainless exhaust system. It also has larger carb. jets, but I don't know what size. These definately make a difference compared to my buddies stock bike - low end mid range and top end. Yoshimura seems to be the company of choice for Suzukis. They sponsor famous off-road riders and spend a lot of time making them work for Suzukis. One caution - their race pipes are very loud! they do make versions where you can tone down the sound.


What Model have you got?

PS: Forgot to mention cutting a hole in top of the airbox. This makes it breath better. There is info on this site either in past threads or technical section. Don't remember which.

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