How do you adjust your suspension?

I just got my new springs yesterday and I'm trying to adjust my clickers on the shocks. I'm not sure what is the best method besides trial and error.

First off, I'm a big guy so I went with 6.3 on the rear and 5.2 on the front so the springs are very stiff compared to stock. I want to set it up on the soft side because I'm not jumping big, mostly I'm riding fire roads and single track.

At first I adjusted the clickers very stiff thinking that with the stiff springs, that was the way to start. It was way too harsh! I then backed it off 10 clicks, it was a lot better. I then thought what the heck and took the clickers all the way out. Wow, really plush and soft but the rear feels kind of (for a better word) wiggley. When I tighten the clickers, the rear feels tight but I loose that plush feeling on the high speed hits. :thumbsup:

So...How do you guys adjust your suspension? Do you start with the rebound adjustment first or the dampening? Low-speed or high-speed first? How do you test your bike to see if it's right? On my mountian bikes I would put a zip-tie on the shock and go for a ride. When I got back if the zip-tie was not showing full travel I would soften things up. Same goes for if the zip-tie was bottomed I would add more air to the shock. How do you guys know when it's right?

I bought the springs with the advice I received here and I can't thank you all enough for all your help. This is a great forum! Thanks again in advance.

Here is what someone told me that helped. "As you are riding, think to yourself, is this good, is this to stiff, am I loose in the rear" Try to remember what you thought and where. I thought I needed a little stiffer on mine, so I stiffened up my compression only. That wasnt so good. So I stiffened up my rebound, and softened up the compression to match. That worked pretty good. I am about 285 lbs. I have a 6.4 on the rear and 5.4's in the front. On the front Compression I can only go 3 clicks softer, so I am on the soft side, honestly right now I am not sure where my rebound it, but I will check, because it feels really good. On the rear, I am right in the middle of the road, and that seems nice. If I get on the bike and kind of jump up and down the bike stays farely lever. Be sure you get your race sag and free sag set too. In the long run, its trial and error for how you like it. Good luck. I am still learning about this too. :thumbsup:

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