Is your pro-circuit system still for sale?


I too went out on my bike yesterday, for the first time in two months. WOW it surprises me every time.

We went to Wild Tracks off road park in Chippenham, Suffolk. It was awesome, You should come down and give it a try.



How is Chippenham? - I was under the impression that it was closed due to it being waterlogged. I'm hoping to get out there in the not too distant.

Are you doing the British Championship round at Thetford in March as that's just up the road?



Chppenham is a bit wet...they've closed part of the track off (the bit with the table top), but it was still good fun. There was about 30-40 bikes there (a good 1/3 of them big blue thumpers).

All the 4x4 part of the complex is under water. Apparently they're going to dig a drainage lake.

Where do you ride?

Regarding Britsh championship atThetford, I am hoping to go, but may have work commitments, so I'll have to wait and see


Darren i've tried to contact you several times & even right now on my other line, you're always on that phone!

chippenham is only 2 miles from my mate 7 from me) at kentford & we went around the roundabout facing the circuit.

we've found some free land at thetford that we've used for a year. but now everyone knows about it! it's always bone dry which is why it's so popular, let alone the money saved.


i'll tell you where when we talk.

i'm hopefully entering the breckland. i've gone from sportsman where i was doing well to clubman. one year as a sportsman seems fair. some of the sportsmen could be good experts. i hope this new ACU licence system sorts it out.


the cheque is in the post.

I've been thinking about what you said regarding the new timing gear that you bought and it makes a lot of sense. When I get some cash together, I might bother you for some details on what you ordered etc..



the reason my phone is always engaged is because I'm always downloading music from napster www.napster.com

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