How Do I Get Bars Forward,'E'conomically?

I'm 6'4" and added the Thumper Racing bar risers ($79) and a pair of Jimmy Button Renthals ($69). The risers will move the bars 1.5" forward and 1.5" up. The bars are a great high bend. If you still have the stock bars, get the Buttons first.

I designed my own set of risers for the pure halibut :)

Took the bolt centers and went forward that distance and up 35mm so i just use one more longer bolt plus standard top clamp and bolts.

I as intending to make them myself but gave the drawing to a friend who owns a machine shop for pricing and he made them for free out of scrap aluminum!

I have not tried them yet so hopefully they work.

I also plan to get the Jimmy Button bars.



I noticed the "E" model has the same top triple clamp as the "S". The "S" looks like they made room for the Speedo.

I am 6' 3" and need more up front on my "E". Whats the best way, adapters, clamp, bars, all?

What's the best long term hot set-up without spending a lot? Thanx,


I also made my own set of risers, went with the same idea as dendrz.

I handed a friend of mine this drawing and he machined it out of steel, I say the work just fine. I think I would prefer not to have the bars as far up as they are now, i might grind the risers down a cm or so.

It's not a proffesional drawing in any way, but somehow my friend could figure out how to do them from it.


I have a pair of thumper risers for sale. They are the 1.5" model and make the bike quite comfortable. I am selling them for $35. This includes shipping, (except Hawaii, Alaska).

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