Please Help Asap

I hane an 01 YZ 426 and am getting ready for the series of hillclimbs the Great American and Widow Maker. I Am In DESPERATE need of swing arm extensions preferably adjustable, however "4 in" would work... If anyone has any info on where to find them Quick.. Please Let Me know....

Well I talked a year ago to one of my expert hillclimbing friends(his brother makes swingarm extensions but I forgot the name of the company) and he said that putting a extended swingam on a four stroke is very bad for the motor because the extended wheelbase makes the back tire spin more and sustained high rpm's are very bad for four strokes and somehting will probably let go in the engine. Also if you do get an extension you'll need to put in a longer chain and extended brake hose if you want back brakes. Sorry I can't help you with finding a company(I'm horrible at searches) but just a little advice is only run it during the competions and take it off right after, and for quick changes you can put in two master links and can easily change wheelbase by just sliding the axle and splicing in different legths.

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