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Magura Hydraulic Clutch

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It does not get in the way and I HIGHLY reccomend it, especially if you tend to abuse the clutch a bit. Once you adjust your engagement/free play, it never changes while riding like a cable clutch does. Some people say "what if I rip the hose off in a crash I have no clutch" well.....what's the difference in that or ripping a cable off in a crash? Same end result. Non issue there.

Typically you get an easier and smoother pull too since there is no cable stretch. No cable to lube all the time either.

I had one on my 250F and my 450F, and I will get one on my next bike too. Even the print rags wonder why the Jap makers have not figured it out yet. KTM knows what's up in the clutch dept.

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Yep, maybe one of the best additions to my bike. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's ridiculously simple to install so no worries!

Look at your current cable routing and do the exact same thing with the hydro. The hydro cable is a bit smaller in diameter so you might have to squeeze the metal cable ties in a bit more but the fit is perfect.

I have a riding buddy with the new KTM 250SXF and I have to say, it is the cadillac of MX bikes. It comes stock with just about everything you could ever need on an MX bike. Add a skid plate and radiator guards and you're done.

I still like my CRF better though. ­čĹŹ

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