total engine oil loss!!!!

went trail yesterday rode for couple of hours when a nasty noise started coming from my motor.So i stopped checked oil level off the stick,**** !! WHATS HAPPENED cleaned the bike off today took both drain plugs out oh dear not much in their then.It took me a while to figure out where it escaped from no obvoius signs of damage only place it might have leaked is the output shaft seal sure enough when i took the sprocket off i could see oil wheeping out.What really pisses me off this bike is still on its original chain and sprokets i've never had this happen to any other bike i've owend.SO BEWARE CHECK THAT SEAL and yes i did have the cover removed. :)

hope u are not the guy from near York that is/was selling your bike, if so then i'm the bloke from Cornwall who spoke to you on friday and all i can say is bollocks.also if it is u man from york, where did u get the fat bastard size spring cos i could do with one when i eventually find a 2001 drze

look at my previous posting joe, i think it is a problem. is your spacer pitted with signs of rust? we ride in the wet and crud then wash them off, but the mud doesnt clear from the back of the sprocket therefore leaving it in wet or damp mud for a period of time, then when we take them out again the seal is stuck to the rust ripping the lip off of it, i will definatly be getting some stainless steel spacers made up if i get an indication as to how many people would buy them i can get a few made as short or one off parts are always prohibitly expensive to get made. but if it saves an engine what price do you put on that?

i initialy thought it was mud that had got into the seal but on closer inspection the rust theory is my best guess my problem happened within three hours of the start of my ride, by the way i was at the devils punchbowl area near guilford



Probably a need for something there for sure after my trail ride yesterday as well as the usual crud there was a twig rammed in there as well so it gets a fair bit of abuse between inspections.

I find these bikes really pack the dirt up around every nook and cranny, even the guys i ride with are always remarking on the stuff that flys back at them, dirt and branches.



To the chap from cornwall i'am the person you spoke to last week if you ring me again i'll tell you where to obtain a spring from.I decided to go for ride on sunday because a friend had asked me to riding with him,i had no warning of oil leaking from that seal and the conditions were extreme to see any weeping untill it was cleaned i've spoken to KAIS dealer who supplied the bike no joy with them :D so its major stip down,i think i'll go back to two strokes :):D

[just been down to the engineering shop that i use and ordered a batch of the spacers in stainless steel, will be ready next week if anyone is interested in one.

i will ship worldwide at cost

hope this helps


Hello Tom can you tell me what damage you did to your motor and is the spacer you have made same as oe ie oring seal and notched inbound i'am wondering what to do with the bike when its repaired its a good bike but it has some major weak pionts :):D

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hi joe, my bike just started to nip up, there was no rattles or bangs at all i just pulled in the clutch and the engine stopped luckily i wasnt going fast and was just coming up to a junction after i stopped my friend went to a local garage and got a couple of litres of oil after i put that in she started up straight away but the oil just pumped back out of the seal i was then recovered by the rac so all in all i dont think there is any lasting damage at all (at least i hope not)

the new spacers are going to be exact copies of the originals including all the grooves etc. they will be made from stainless and are a direct replacement. i think they will be about £15 to £18 each a cheap price if your comparing it to an engine rebuild.

ive had my drz since 2000 and love it ive done a couple of hafren rallyes and the transdanubia rallye along with trail riding etc on it and this is the first problem ive encountered i like it so much its for sale after a trail riding weekend here in kent 8/9th december - but only to make room for my 2002 model arriving on the 13th




I am in the US, I haven't had the trouble you describe but, I am interested in avoiding it. I am interested in obtaining one of your spacers. I don't know how shipping or currency exchange will be, but E-mail me at:, and we will see if we can work it out.

Tom if you could let me know how much the spacers cost and details of your e-mail address or your tel no i would like take a couple off you my e-mail address is the engine apart yesterday and the first thing i've noticed to break down was the exhuast cam worn the head in a big way piston and bore look ok not sure about the bottom end fingers crossed in that department.My friend checked his seal too and it was wheeping and his bike is only 2 months old i think this bike maybe cheap to buy but its reflected in its build quality :)

It seems that there are a disproportionate number of seal problems in Great Britain. It is because of the mud or the humidity or what.


Is this "spacer" the bushing that slides over the output shaft and slides into the seal?

Perry it would seem to me that its a major problem to serious enduro riding where grass gets wrapped around the back of the shaft it can only be noticed when the engine is turning the shaft but as you might expect in extreme conditions you can't tell whats dripping from your bike most times its water and crud and maybe a bit of sweat if your trying.All I know is when its fixed its going and i'll buy somthing more stonger :)

Oh, if Honda only made the Dr400!!!

I am also looking into having some spacers made here in the US. I don't think they will be cheap to make since it has an internal O-ring groove. Not sure if this will solve the problem or not. I really don't see any major differences between the seals on a DRZ400 and the seals on an XR400. There may be some geometry differences in the two bikes that make it more likely that grass will get in there and cut the seal. Also for some reason there seems to be a lot more oil pressure back there than one would expect from from splash lubrication which is usually the case on that area. Maybe there is an oil feed in that output bearing so when the seal goes it quickly pumps all the oil out of the bike.


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