Race gas in Canada? (400S)

Hi everyone, I have read here (more than once) that some people use race gas in their 400 (E or S). I guess this is a higher quality product and probably has a few advantages. Can someone summarize what these would be? Does the bike perform better? Throttle response? Warming up? Cost? Is it worth it for everyday use? Is it easily available in Canada? Can an additive to super-unleaded do the same job?

I have a 2000 400S with 150 main, 27.5 pilot and 3X3 airbox hole.


Here my 5 cents. (I have a 00' kick, cut out stock pipe, air box lid ON and no jetting changes. I ride at 500 to 3000 foot elev and all trails.) I run VP 103 Motorsport unleaded race gas in my bike. VP is the brand name, 103 is octane. I mix 2 gal of the 103 to 1 gal of pump 93. I feel the bike runs better. The trottle responce is much better. From the information I have found recently, I will be changing to leaded fuel the next time I buy race gas. I have learned that leaded gas is better on the valves and my wallet. Race gas in general runs cooler, richer and cleaner. I have never over heated and see no reason to change jets as of yet. Race gas (any gas)should be stored in a metal tank when not in use so the it does break down as quik. The unleaded 103 runs about $6.00 gal, 98 leaded $4.00 gal. here in California. Happy trails!

Just my opinion...Unless you have increased the compression a good amount from stock.

You will see little if any improvement or longevity gains from running race fuel.

Your wallet may end up lighter and your exhaust may smell a little better but overall gains are minimal.

The added lead as mentioned above may help on the valve side.

Myexperience with race fuel comes from my ATV years. My 350twin banshee ran just fine until I bumped the compression up to around 160. Then the race gas helped. But on the stock engine...it just smelled better.

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