Is there a key on an 06 WR450?

well can you guys get us a part number to buy a kit for ours right from Yamaha? if they make it there, it should be able to be bought by us too.

I posted earlier on this.

I have now asked my dealer if they would track the part number for the keyed ignition they installed on my bike. Apparently, it came in the kit with indicator lights and associated switches from Japan for road conversion.

I'll get back if I hear anything - dont hold your breath as the saying goes...

I'll post new thread if it is ground breaking news! (NOT!)

Thanks, if you can get the part number for the whole kit would be great too, as im planning to put a road kit on my 2006 WR450. if it can be got from yamaha i would rather then buying aftermarket.

id like to know the p/n for this as well :crazy: any updates?


id like to know the p/n for this as well :crazy: any updates?


Sorry guys, no update yet. I talked with the dealer a couple of days ago (gave them a prompt). I'll give it to the end of the week and try again. BTW, I cant find numbers etc on the actual parts either.

yeah, it would be nice to have forsure..... Keep bugging them, please......

Here's another vote for the kit number! I've been eyeing a WR450 locally as well, I'm actually on the rock, as opposed to Max up there in big land.

I may be in to talk to my local dealer later today, certainly tomorrow, so I can inquire about it as well.

hey spick what part of the rock U from?

From town! Where else? The local yammy dealer has a 450 on the floor and I am thinking of making a cash offer on it the next day or so.

I'm hoping it will be pretty easy to dual sport, i.e. adding the brake light switch, mirrors, whatever else is necessary.

What did you do to your bike to meet road spec?

Town of course, lol, I bet im one of the few here who knows where that is, lol. I ordered the dual sport kit from Baja-Designs, not alot to it, signals, switch, horn, dual beam lights, and an ignition. list price was 8599 and i got mine for 8000 even, so i was happy enough, they had to order mine too (more money i guess)

I haven't spoken to the dealer yet. I am supposed to get the cash in hand tomorrow and I am heading to the dealer as soon as I do.

How do you find the bike? I guess the BD kit had the keyed ignition?

the kit does have an optional ignition, but i ordered a stock one from a TTR125LE(us model) and it will plug right in, Still waiting on my parts, and actually IM picking up my bike tomorrow, I ordered it 2 weeks ago, when i signed up here, and I will finally bring her home tomorrow

here ya go

i just took these with my fone pic quality is quite bad sorry




the head light and fender obviously are not stock B)



Post is almost 4 years old....

OneToGo posted the pics that they probably were close to what it should have been.

Post is almost 4 years old....

OneToGo posted the pics that they probably were close to what it should have been.

Yes, this post is almost 4 years old. Before I post my questions looking for answers that I do not know (hence, the question), I always do a search, even though the search engine on this site usually doesn't bring up too many relevant answers to my query.

When I saw the two funny face photos, and then subsequent mention of a motorcycle, I thought it was rather funny how the original photos have been replaced with goofy photos bearing the same name as the motorcycle ones. Just trying to bring attention to the original poster of those photos to watch out what gets deleted and re uploaded to their photo sharing account.

Too bad it wasn't a little more "provocative" than a piggy nose.

Look up SAR in Michigan they handle ignition key switches, and blinker kits as well. The switch I added to my 05 WR was just a second kill switch, If you are really concerned about losing your bike, a cable lock would probably do more good. You already have dual elements in your headlight and taillight, and a SAR and others have a hydraulic switch that is plumbed into the rear brake master cylinder to give you a brake light, I run the wire directly from the battery and fuse it. I haven't messed with the headlight, really don't see the need unless you are trying to pass some road cert. to get plates.

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