Please help me blueprint my mods(hopuplist)

Ok guys i really like your forum and enjoy searching for more knowledge.

I have a brand new 06wr450 and need some advise on my mod/hopup list

I am a motarder and am still learning my race techniques and do commute on this bike nearly everyday. (no i dont squid around on the streets)

so far i have done the following

17" excel rims talon hubs 3.5/5.0 120/170 rear mmmmmmm 170 rear

ebc 320mm front rotor kit

dunlop 208gp front 207 rear

launchzones sprocket spacer kit (a must have for tarders!!)

ais removed

grey wire unplugged

snorkel fed to dog and side cut outs cut

yz throttle stop

yz airfilter guide with yz twin air powerflow kit motul oiled(i ordered wrong powerflow kit hehe) u guys think i should go to k&n?

stock header with fmf factory ti 4.1 blue anodised

zipty racing fuel screw

jd jetting 45pj 168mj jdblue#3

jt racing 15/42 sprocks

scotts SS oil filter

fluidyne radiators

acerbis diamond headlight

acerbis motard fender

acerbis plastic frame guards

cheapy alloy bark busters (Freebies with bike)

trailtech endurance computer

Now things i want to do please help me with my priotisation

within the next 6 months

yzf ex cam or maybe hot cams?

better speedo (need backlight, i mostly ride/work at night)

yzf rear fender with ufo/acerbis taillight

boyesen water pump impeller + cover

bigger, stock looking tank (acerbis?)

stm slipper clutch or rekluse (i still havnt ridden a rekluse but i like the idea, still in limbo about this one)

stm clear clutch cover, dayum that thing looks trick!

edelbrock carb? i dislike tps whilst cruising but i miss the snap

power now or some sort of velocity stack

boyesen ap cover if edelbrock is unadvised

indy450's grab handle hole air box mod (the one on man hes genius!)

xr650 one way airbox drain

suspension revalve to smoto and my fat ass (95kg)

pastrana fmx bars (im 6'2" advise on any other?)

axle sliders

vortex ignition (i am unsure on this one as it might be useless for tarding? comments?)

retrofit one of these shouldnt be that hard considering i have a spare filter cover laying around

30000 rebuild(or should i got longer?)

head port

stainless valves

dual spring valve kit

big bore kit, depending on my tax return i am considering either the 490 or the 523cc icecube kits

im a bit worried about reliability with the 523 cc (1.2litres oil might not be enough)

anything else is by all means welcome

thanx for any help at all


1: MAAAN you have been using $ :thumbsup:

2: stick with the YZF cam, not the hotcam.. alot of people has problems with the decomp on hotcams, myself included..

3: i think this must be the perfect speedo/tach out there:

I`m sure buying one soon..

4: do you ride 30000 a year?!

nah i probably ride about 20000km per year max

thanx for reply !!

i have been wanting that speedo for some time

but i cannot find where to buy it

It should be possible to order it from the link i just pasted i guess?

oh i was looking for more of an online shop that had it

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