Cycle World May 2006


They put the XR650L up against a BMW HP2, Husqvarna TE610 and a KTM 950. Also, they had full detail on the 2007 Honda replacement for the XR650L. Just kidding on that part. The Honda cost half as much as some of the others, but still did OK, I think. However, they did keep referencing the "cramped riding position?" I'm about 6'5", looking to get an L this fall, and I was a bit surprised by that. Anyhow, I think the XR650L stood up just fine in the street bike mag's eyes :thumbsup:

Funny how the ancient XRL is still hangin' in there. It's been almost 15 years & no cigar so after that we'll (probably) see some type of change, but then again, maybe not. :confused:

Probably one of the better non-biased write ups between the Big 4 (Hon, Kawi, Suzi & BMW) was in the Jan '04 Popular Mechanics. I know, it's an old guys mag, but my gramps got me into it... :bonk:

The XRL came in 3rd or 4th, doesn't really say.

They chose the KLR overall because it had a greater cruising range with the stock tank, a lower standover height & was "one of the best-handling street motorcycles on the planet." :thumbsup: I guess it's all a matter of opinion... :thumbsup:

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