Complete Seat for an E?

The seat cover on my seat has torn in two places. Does anyone know of a source for complete seats. I don't want a lower seat, just a better cover. I've seen lots of source for covers but none complete. Help

SDG makes complete seat replacements foar various bikes. They are not real flashy looking, just black but have a gripper cover, but they look good. I emailed them but got no response. The White Bros catalog has them but not for the DRZ. If you call them they may be able to tell you if they now have them for DRZ, otherwise try your luck with SDG, I did it on the internet.

SDG,One industries they both offer complete seats but not for the DRZ.I've been after a copmplete seat for some time now with no luck.If by some chance you come up with something let me know thanks.

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