Buying WR400 maybe...

I am sort of new to dirtbikes, I only have one and its a Suzuki

Dr 350 SE it's a 97 so its old but still runs great. Im thinking

that I want the wr400 2000 for my next step up bike. I have read alot on this forum and have heard good thingz about it including its wicked POWER :thumbsup: Are there any downsides

to this bike besides the year? I know its risky buying a 00 but its only $2000. Opinions greatly appreciated thx.

I've got a WR400 supermoto and it's a great bike. I've done some work to it and it is surpisingly torqy and quick. There is a technique to get it started, but that is the only weird thing about the bike I can think of. It's been pretty reliable and tons of fun.

go for it.

of course, many would say spend a bit more and get an electric start 450 or something like that, but coming from a dr350, you'll be stoked.

i love mine. make sure you change your oil and filter often (500 ks or less)

there is a wealth of info here about them

great place to get bits for them, if you need them

here is where you identify and part numbers you may need

the general consensus on tyres is a mich s12 upfront and a maxxis on the rear.

do the yz timing mod, if it hasnt already been done

and try this in 4th gear

have fun good luck

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