oil change

how do you bleed the oil on a wr426 2002 after an oil change :thumbsup:

did you over fill it?

hi no i changed the oil and filter an was told you have to bleed it through.

can you help :thumbsup::thumbsup:

the manual says to loosen one of the bolts directly above the oil filter, start the bike and wait for a max of one minute to see oil begin to ooze from the loosened bolt. This is done to confirm that the new oil after the change is circulating properly. Once oil is seen, turn off bike, tighten and the oil change is complete.

from memory, there are two small bolts, it is the one to the left...check with the manual for the diagram... :thumbsup:

Its nice to have a service manual for theses bikes, its really worth it for $30.

Did you change the filter and drain the frame?

My 2002 manual says to loosen the oil galley located at the back of the head, its that aluminum tube that comes up from the crankcase to the head. And to verify that oil is circulating. It says to make sure oil is seeping with one minute,after starting it, but I would say closer to 15 secs if not immediately.

Theres nothing to bleed, its just to verify your oil is pumping. I personally don't do it.

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