I Suck!!!!!!

So I put a new piston and rings in my '01 just a few weeks ago. Rode it Moab 65 or 80 miles. New to warm it up really well before git'n on it. Fast as a mo fo.

This morning, I was late to a meeting, forgot all about the fact she wasn't broken in yet. T about 70 mph on I-70, she gave it about a mile then,,,she died.

haven't taken it apart yet, thought I woulsd ask for tips advise help something.

Please refrain from any smart ass comments until tomorrow as I Cant take it right now

R.I.P. ????

So a little more info would be helpful. Did it just quit or did it stick the piston and lock up. While it probably isn't fully broken in I would think 65 - 80 miles would have been enough to keep it from seizing up. Don't overlook that it may be totally unrelated and just a coincidence. Then again maybe not.

did you run out of gas? is it locked up? if not, do you still have compression?

did you run out of gas? is it locked up? if not, do you still have compression?

like what he said :thumbsup: check your gas by pulling your hose off or better yet pulling the plug on the bottom of the float bowl to eliminate that as a problem. Dont forget to check for spark.

also heres a good artical on break-in http://mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

Well it was unrelated. I helped out a guy out who was out of gas and pulled the carb out of the air intake boot while removing the new fuel hose I put on. It folded over on the side next to the shock. I affectively sucked in an hour or so of sand. The cams look like They were ground with a course grinding wheel, the head is melted on the cam seats and I cant get the head off yet. Enough for one day.

thanks any way for trying to help.

I re-iterate,,,,,I SUCK!!!! :crazy:

Yikes!! :crazy:

I guess that could happen to any of us, if we were doing some quick work on the trail. Really sorry to hear that happened; that's gonna take some work (not to mention $$$) to fix.

What do you think caused the air boot to come off? It should be clamped on pretty tight on both sides.

Bummer. Especially since you did it to help someone else out.

that's not fair. if you stopped to help someone out, you should have gotten a ton of 'good guy points' in your karma bank.

sorry to hear about your misfortune. sounds like a mess....

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