yz/wr frame question

is the frame the same on a 98 yz400 and a 98 wr400? I'd like to get come trail riding accessories for my YZ and I was wondering if they'd fit.


If your thinking about a kickstand then no. The WR frame has welded mounting tabs but other than that I'm not sure what you mean

Im pretty sure the fames are nearly identical. The WR will have an extra tab for the kickstand on the frame, And an extra tab on the subframe for the coolant overflow bottle. I have added a kickstand and an overflow bottle to my yz 400 without buying a new frame or anything. Just a little modification.

Other than what has been previously mentioned, the frames are identical. If you are looking for a kickstand, trailtech and promoto billet both make one specifically for your bike.

I'm actually interested in getting a rack to fit over my rear fender. They sell them for the wr. I think it should fit :thumbsup:


If it bolts into your seat mounts then yes, you should be fine, but the plastics are obviously different (I don't know if it will affect it or not, just something to mention)

from the picture it looks like it bolts to the seat and the exhaust bolts. :thumbsup:

I just need something to carry some gear and gas when I go on longer trail rides.

how do you guys pack extra stuff?....Gas, snacks, tools....

That should work fine. All the aftermarket exhausts work for both the yz and wr so the mounts should be the same. I haven't ever carried extra gas, but the snacks and tools part I carry in a camelbak.

Something I have been looking into and you may want to as well, I've seen where they actually sell an additional gas tank that mounts inside the number plate on the left side. Then I will continue to carry tools, etc. in my camelbak.

I'm just trying to share some of the info I've found. For me, I always like to know all the possibilities in order to decide on what is best for my application. If you want, I'll let you know when I find out about the tank.

Hope this helps!

the tank would be a cool idea because there is a lot of extra space on the left side. if you find it post the link so I can check it out as well.

here's another ??? .... will a stock wr gas tank fit on a yz? I don't like the way the aftermarket oversized tanks look :thumbsup:

yes, but you need to swap out the seat as well. I'll let you know when I find the tank.

thanks. so to get the wr tank, i need the wr seat......maybe what I really want is a WR, :thumbsup: But I love my yz so much! A WR is in the future but for now I need to make my yz as trail friendly as possible :thumbsup:

This isn't the one I had seen before, but I guess Baja Designs makes one that completely replaces your side number plate (you have to click on 'yamaha' at the side):


Or acerbis makes one that replaces the radiator shrouds (may be a bit to wide though) or even one that replaces the front number plate:


I know there is a smaller one that fits inside the number plate, but I haven't been able to find it again yet. I'll keep looking!

A WR is in the future but for now I need to make my yz as trail friendly as possible :thumbsup:

I've never owned a WR myself, but I have heard a lot of guys on here complaining about the weight of the WR. A lot of them are converting their YZ's to trail worthy machines.

thanks for the info Zique. :thumbsup:

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