Fork tube height above top triple clamp?

Just had the bike (xr650r) down to the frame for a full rebuild and had the suspension done. I'm in the reassembly process and was wondering what is a good height for the forks above the top triple clamp? There is a small groove about an eigth inch down and thats where I set it at for now. I'm just looking for a good combination of turning and stability and am curious what you guys are running. The shop manual says nothing about this topic.

much of it is personal preference, where you ride, etc. ride with the current setting, then change it drastically one way or the other to see how it effects your ride. after a couple of iterations you should find a setting that you are happy with.

Yeah, 1/8 up is where I had it set before and it seemed to be a good compromise. I was just hoping some of the guys that race the bike regularly had some deeper insight than myself.......... :thumbsup:

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