What kind of oil?

Well I am a complete 4-stroke noob, and I just got a 1999 yz400f.

The bike is great and the previous owner changed the oil right before I bought it from him. Since I bought it I have ridden the bike maybe 6 or 7 hours, and now I need to change the oil.

The previous owner said that I should run Yamalube 4R.

Should I? Or what is everyones opinion on what is the best oil for my bike?


I'm using Maxima ultra 4 but Yamalube 4 is good too.

motul 5100 semi synthetic thats the poo!!!!!

Also do I need to replace the paper oil filter during every oil change?

Or should I bite the bullet and buy a stainless steel one?

If your keeping the bike for a long time, the SS filter will save you a ton of cash. Yes, change/clean the filter each time. Why add new oil to your dirty oil? Why pinch pennies on a $7K bike? :thumbsup:

You are a lucky man! The previous owner of your bike has done you a big favor. Stick with the Yamaha Oil. I have used the stuff since I purchased my 99 400 new. I am still on the original valve assembly and just recently re-shimmed the valves for the first time. If you read further into these post in TT you will read guys replacing shims and valves monthly if not sooner. I also have replaced the piston only once and that was after 4 years of riding and racing. I can't swear that all this longivity is the oil, but I am not one for messing with success. Besides, Yamalube is inexpensive compared to some of the Bling oils. The original owners manual for your bike suggest staying away from synthetic oil. The fear back then was that the synthetic oil was too slippery for the clutch. My advise for you is to stay with the oil your previous owner used....

I been using Yamaha Lube 4 (10W-30). People will argue that theres better oil out there and all that blah blah...but if your running a Yamaha, and using Yamaha oil, then it has to be good right?!

We run valvoline 10w-40. It's cheap works good and we change oil about every three rides. I would recomend it

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