What do DRZE's really weigh?

I see weight numbers that range all over the map. Has anyone weighed these yourself?


Dirt Bike Mag claims 276 totally stock for an E model w/fluids except gas. They also claim is doesn't feel nearly that heavy and in fact feels lighter than a wr400!

I weighed mine in at 285 with a full tank(minus lights, etc)


The 2000 model DRZ400E, bone stock, full of fuel weighs 292.3 lbs.


Just went out in the garage to weigh mine.

138 front wheel

151 rear wheel

289 total.

This is a 2001 dual sported E with Baja Designs skid plate and 3/4 tank of fuel, ready to rock and roll.

It sounds heavy, and it feels heavy when I load it into the truck, but not when I'm on the gas. Don't let the weight scare you. Think of it this way: it's a lot cheaper per pound than a KTM!

Well, depending on your needs the weight should perhaps scare you.

I'll tell you what, the number of times I've been in a hare scramble halfway up a steep mudslicked hill, or stuck in a 2-foot-deep rut flanked by 1-foot-deep vaseline-like muck, struggling to stand up 285lbs of drz suctioncupped to the ground, I'd have given anything to have a light little KDX220 or a KTM 400exc. Those 50-odd pounds make a HUGE difference! If you have to pick that thing up under those conditions more than once or twice you're not going to have much energy left to race.

As much as I love my drz, I do think that its obesity is by far its greatest weakness.

That said, I definitely favor the drz's power, suspension, electric start, and 4-stroknitude over a kdx. And I favor the affordability of the drz over a ktm.

Even though I race hare scrambles, I'm not out to win trophies (good thing too!! :) ), I'm just out to ride and have fun. I have stock suspension and a nice quiet stock exhaust.

But if I ever get serious about racing, I'd definitely start saving for something much lighter. *cough ktm400exc cough*

I know some of you might be saying well, if you were serious about racing, you shouldn't be needing to pick your bike up all the time. That's not a bad point... but where I live, it's cloudier and rains more than Seattle. Slick, soupy, greasy, deep, putrid, pudding like mud is a way of life here. Nobody stays upright an entire race in that crap.

Proof: typical post-harescramble picture, Pine Lake Raceway, northeast Ohio, June 3, 2001.



NEOhioDRZ, how true, how true!!! :)


A KTM 400EXC weighs 246 lbs. Add 10 lbs. for gas and oil, another 5 for skidplate, barkbusters, steering damper, stickers and other crap and you have a 261+ bike and that's as light a 4-stroke trail bike you will find. There are lighter 4-strokes (CRM, etc.) but those are MX bikes not made to run slow in the twisties and they don't have the button.

My point? The DRZ is fat but not that fat. It might be 20 lbs. heavier than the lightest trail ready, E-start 4-stroke, but for the money I'll ride mine until I hit the Lotto.

I would love to find mud like that! Around here everybody gets excited when it rains so the dust isn't so bad.

I disagree with the "if you're not crashing you're not riding hard enough" statement. I almost never crash... my DRZ has yet to touch the ground except for the tires. I could probably ride a little faster and risk crashing but it just isn't worth it to me. I have to go to work and make a living, I really can't afford to be hurt or pay for motorcycle parts. Maybe if I was a pro racer it would be different but I just ride for fun. Any other opinions?

My experience racing the E exactly. Nice smooth power delivery and easy to ride. This helps to save energy in a long cross-country. I need all that saved energy when it comes to muscle the pig out of a situation that I put myself into either by not having enough talant and/or balls to make it all the way. Pick up your upside-down E stuck in a creek , ten feet downhill from a singletrack and drag it up. You will quickly realize that every pound counts. It took four people to get the E back on track. To combat this for next year I am going to tackle the weights this winter. Cheaper than trying to drop weight off the bike. :) The key with the weight I think is to let it work for you.(ie momentum). This works for me until I get tired and begin to hesitate a bit. I then usually end up with a half-assed attempt with my E stuck half way. As long as I am aggressive enough that weight will crash through anything. In my first ever hare scramble on the E I ended up breaking a very nice bridge that the organizers had made to cover some muskeg. The "bridge" was made of chainlink fence with 4" branches woven through it. This was then laid out over the soft section of muskeg. This bridge was perhaps 100" long. On the parade lap I was following a KDX200. He went across no problem. Well I go across on the DRZ and all I hear is SNAP SNAP SNAP. Halfway across I come to a halt. All the cross branches had snapped and the chainlink bent up and was caught in the footpegs. At least it happened on the parade lap because it took 10 minutes with a wire cutter to free the bike. The lack of bridge made this a very difficult section for the scramble. It was here that I also found out the hard way that the carb vent tubes are not routed very high and can cause the bike to stall. But that is another story...

This topic sure does touch my funny bone. Sure the DRZe is heavier than the KTM and WR but not by much! It’s 15 pounds heavier than the KTM, mostly because of the starting system (battery, etc… :D and 1 addition quart of oil. Now, Yamaha has been hiding their weight (due to Jenny Craig) until recently. They’re boasting a lower dry weight than the KTM. Imaging that! What are you KTM’ers going to do? I say if you’re concerned about a difference of 15 pounds, then you shouldn’t be on these yellow lions. If weight is an issue then buy a 2-stroke. This 4-stroke weight differential will play a factor if you’re loading the moto onto your truck without a ramp. I’m a little feller, weighing in at 155 lbs and have never had an issue with the weight on my DRZe. As a matter of fact, the KTM and WR feel exactly the same to me. Although I’m not a professional racer, but I do lift weights…


One other piece for the puzzle - motorcycles weights change during the production runs. Companies sub-out for the parts and do not have complete manufacturing control over how the parts are made. This can account for a surprising variation on the weights of the same model motorcycle.

I was just asking what do they weigh? Ha!

Interesting input though - thanks.

I think the Kawasaki in the pic must weigh more than the DRZ with all of that mud. Are you sure that's not in Lousiana.

Good riding to all!

I take back that comment about wanting to ride through the mud. It has been raining here lately, went riding today. I was plowing through the mud puddles and throwing mud everywhere. Yes, it was fun. However it wasn't worth the 1/2 hour I spent cleaning my bike. Usually I go riding and my bike is spotless, just a light layer of dust.

Speaking of weight, I had about 10 lbs of mud on there!

I can't stay out of the mud! I love it! However, I do spend HOURS dismantling and cleaning my bike after each ride.

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