Four Speed

I am interested in getting the YZF450 but am skeptical about the 4 speed of the older models (05 and previous). I was wondering what your thoughts were on these. I talked to a buddy who use to have an 04 and he said he was changing sprockets like crazy for each track and he didn't like it to much for motocross. I plan on riding motocross tracks mostly. How does it compare to the CRF450 5-speed transmission. Thanks in advanced.

Im pretty sure 05 and before models are five speeds. In fact im 99

% sure. My 2002 yz426f is a five speed and i have never had any problems with it. Maybe your freind has a WR becasuse i think they might be four speeds. Hope this helps you make your decision.

On the track I don't miss having 5th. Not that I ever used 5th very much on any bikes I have ever had at the track anyway.

Sorry i think the 03 to 05 were 4 speeds. I could be wrong though.

03-05 were 4 speeds. 06 is a 5 speed. 400's and 426's were also 5's. CRF's are 5 speeds not 6.

No, you're right. '03-'05 YZ450's are 4 speeds. Comparing the trans itself to a YZ426 5 speed, 1st is slightly lower, and 4th is two-thirds of the way up between the 426's 4th and 5th. If you gear a YZ426 and a YZ450 so that they have identical 1st gears, the 426 has a theoretical top speed 3 mph faster than the 450. The gear spacing is wider so that you shift less, that's all. Mine's geared two teeth (rear) taller than stock, and tops out right at 89mph. All MX gearboxes are close spaced like that. Mine's just fine. I run out of gears to cruise in sometimes in the desert, but that used to happen with my CR500, too.

You can drop in a WR450 wide ratio 5 speed for a killer desert mod, too. It costs about $700, retail.

I have a 03 yz450f, 4 gears and love it. Actually I like the wider gears- barley shift on the track.

4 speed 450 + MX track = Loads of hassle free fun. You dont have to shift nearly as much with the 4 speed. Most turns can be taken in 2nd gear and then you just have to upshift once and you will be able to clear almost any jump on a regular mx track.

I have an 06 YZ450 and had an 03 YZ450 prior and I thought I would really rant and rave over finally having a 5 speed again. I'm really impartial now because I find myself still using the same gears on both bikes but every once in a while in the fast sections I'll get into 5th. I rarely use first on my 06. I took my 03 trail riding in Colorado for 2 weeks last year and I ran the stock gearing. I never hit anything that made me desperately want a 5 speed, although there were times in the really tight stuff a larger rear sprocket or a 5 speed would have been better.

I wouldn't worry about the 4 speed tranny, once you get use to it, it's easy. I would look at the Honda motor versus the Yamaha more than the tranny. The Yamaha is bullet proof whereas the Honda's isn't.

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