oil leak from engine vent canister line

was riding in glamis and looked down to see oil leaking from the vent canister(the thing on the right side thats in the way when you try to rotate the carb) line any idea what the deal is here? is there something wrong with the bike or should i just tighten the clamp and keep riding? don't have the manual so dont know whats behind there, bad valves? help would be appreciated dealer is too expensive and i don't want to pull it apart without the book.

tom '01 keeker

the canister is to collect any oil out of the blow by(vent tube), before letting out the air.

the oil is supposed to run into the back of the engine. i took off the canister on my bike and ran the vent tube down to the bottom of the bike. i get some oily stuff down at the end of the tube after ridding(blow by). the amount of blow by can indicate the condition of the engine, just like a car. like it has been said in other post, keep an eye on your valves. i took my bike in after about 500mls, and the valves were way loose. the valves on the drz do not adjust like conventional vavles, you have to shim them.

i would make sure your bike is not using oil or making any funny sounds. i do not have to add oil to my bike between oil changes. i have about 2200mls on it and change the oil about every 200 to 250mls.

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Check your oil level if you recently changed oil as overfilling would also cause this.



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