White Bros.

Has anybody tried the wb m4 slipon.They are priced at 299.99.THats a hell of a good deal for a quality made slipon.

That's a pretty good deal but I would HIGHLY recomend a Dr.D. Very high quality and performance and fairly cheap if you find the right place

:thumbsup: I have an 06 450and put a White Bros. E-2 on it.It runs at 93db,has 1 bolt removeable spark arrester,and no power loss.The pipe is $359 at motosport outlet(1-888-676-8853) good luck :thumbsup:

My New WB Alum Pro 2 Complete System showed up today - Fit and finish perfect, With Black end caps and flange. Matches my SE . I paid 475.00 Lukes Racing.......... :crazy:

ask for mike or luke


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