I'''''''''''''''''''''''''''m Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

hey guys, long time no see.

well only really about 3-4 weeks but still.

As for my problems, naa they havn't gone away but they've dulled down alot.

How's everybody doing? How are the bikes doing?

My bikes doin good, gota get me a new rear tire before spring hits (lots of time to do that).

Alot of **** has landed on me and my friends/their familys lately, stuff has dulled down a bit but the problem is still there (suicidal friend of mine). I gave up weed for that friend because of all this stuff. And over the past weeks I've realized how stupid weed really is. All it does is make me get impactient/bored/sleepy/hungry/lazy. So why bother. It's not even that much fun anymore.

On another note, I was at a party this weekend and I did a different drug. Tried -----edit----------------. Man does that stuff ever make for a fun night. Not that I'm gona start doing that often at all. But before I did that I was just depressed, now I'm happy and well, Doing stuff with my life again. No I don't suggest for anybody to go out and do it. Met a kewl girl at the party too, hopefully something will happen but probably not.

anyways, I'm talking to much, somebody tell me some stuff thats happened to them lately.

[ November 29, 2001: Message edited by: Gyro ]

Oh to be young again! Gyro, all that stuff is cool but ultimately not worth it. I somehow survived the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. Now, I am 50 and in good health. All my joints are in relatively good shape and I can still ride. My back is a bit of a mess but that doesn't slow me down too much. Just be very careful and use moderation in everything you do. Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint so plan for the long haul and ride on! Its just as good when you are old as when you are young to be fit and be able to ride. After all these years I find riding the best drug of all. And, the best thing I can do for my soul. Welcome back, Paul :)

Well said Paul, and welcome back Gyro. Forget the weed, shrooms, and all the rest of the drugs. A drug is a drug is a drug. Drugs will sooner or later compound your problems or worse yet, put you in the GRAVE. They lie to you, tell you that one is better than the other. You need to feel what your going through, no matter how painful it might be. Because covering up those feelings will not make them go away! Sorry if my message sounds harsh, but it's only coming from someone who's been there and done that. Sure you might be able to dabble in them now and then, but drugs can take you out in a heartbeat. Get high on ridin your super motard. I agree with Paul, ridin gets me high, it's a safe alternative. Good to hear from you again.

Good to see your face again Gyro (so to speak).

Ya double that on riding being the best drug. I started drugs at the tender age of 11, then gave it up at 17 years old. That was 22 years ago... and I ain't never looked back since. I feel sorry for all the stressed out people who feel they need Prozac to survive. When I park my bike on a mountain ridge overlooking the ocean, and watch eagles buzzing around, well... thats Gods prozac for me. :) cheers

Went thru stages like that. Don't miss any of it. Got a wife, kids, job and employees that depend on me, instead of me depending on something.

Good luck with the friend. That is a tough situation! Just pray and things will work out.

Hi Gyro

Welcome back

Welcome back:

There is nothing like riding. sure hope chocolate is not a drug, one of my favorite trail side snacks is Slimfast and a Hershey bar.

P.S. Some of you forgot to say whether you ride a "S" or not. Also the grammer mistakes are still showing up. :)

Hay Gyro I juz wana tel u itz nyz 2 hav ya round ta set thows poast on fyr a gayn .. :D

:) Keep it Real :D

Yeah welcome back



400S and my Gramma's fine

I sure missed your insight during the whole "s" vs. "e" vs. "dirt" conflict. I didn't reply to that post but sure thought spliting up was bull****!!! GYRO for PRESIDENT...


I agree, riding my bike is the best high.

supermotard was the look of the bike for awhile, but now she's strictly dirt.

I've shaved off alot of weight from the bike with an big gun race exhaust and such.

soon comes:

-front number plate(no light)

-home made aluminum kickstand

-skid plate (more weight but hey)

and anything else that will save weight

damn winter is gona stop me from getting that natural high on my bike.


And velcum back

PS rideing an E thats regoed

PPSS go read the E v's S post it's already on fire maybe you can burn it down

PPPSSS good to have you back


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