Combo Clutch/Decompression Perch? DRZ400E

I just got a kick starter kit installed on my 2000 "E" to releive a little of my "battery" malfunction anxiety. I went back and forth with the decision, but decided in the end that the dense woods (tight trails) and abundance of soft wet dirt (mud) that we usually ride in here on the Gulf Coast is NOT condusive to "bump" starting a 260 lb. dirt bike after the battery has decidied to go to sleep. So anyway, my baby now has a kick starter like every other motorcycle that I have ever owned (hopefully I won't be using it that often, but I feel better knowing that it is there).

Since we all have to cut our bars down by almost 2" to make it through the tight trails, I am having trouble fitting everything on the left side (de-compression lever, clutch perch, kill switch, grip, bark buster... Grip? Do I really need that?).

I noticed the new Honda CRF450 has a really trick little combo clutch/de-compression lever perch. Has anyone tried something like this? Does anyone know of an aftermarket perch that would accomplish this?

Any help would be appreciated. Select YZ426 as your bike and there is the set up your looking for.For some dumb reason they do not list it under DRZ but it will still work on the Suzuki.109 bucks for the standard model and 160 for the pro perch.My opinion save your money and buy the Hydraulic system for 199.00 it has the intergrated deco lever on it as well as no cable to adjust and easier pull just my.02

Before the DRZ I had an XR400 and wondered the same thing about the combo clutch perch. I made a trip down to the Honda dealer and picked up a combo perch from an XR650 for under $30.


Thanks for the information. The honda price looks good, but the works connection hydraulic kit is so trick.......

The Suzuki part # for the kick start kit is #26300-29811. The price was $199.95 (comes with all the gaskets etc.) I was tempted to install it myself, but the local Suzuki shop did it for about $50. Well worth the money, since you need to pull the clutch basket etc.

Thanks again, and remember, if it gets too cold to ride in the north, move south (or at least come down for a visit).

it also has easy adjust on it

That sounds like the ticket,good price.Craig you sell the Magura hydr set up?

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