is there good riding in Lafayette, Indiana?

I will be moving to West Lafayette, IN in December. Is there any place to ride there? I assume it is too cold there to ride now, but what about when the weather is nice? Are there hills around or is it completely flat?


There is a riding area nearby in Attica, Indiana called Badlands. Here is the URL:

I haven't been there yet, but it's open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving. I have to think it will be warm enough in Indiana yet this year to get some riding in. If you go, give us a ride report.

Purdue's Campus!

That Badlands place looks like fun but $15/person to go riding? That's like telling somebody from the North Pole they have to pay for ice.

I am moving to West Lafayette to attend Purdue University (is there another reason someone would move there?).

I haven't seen any Thumpertalkers from Indiana. It could be a bad sign.

Yes, there are members in Indiana. The Badlands is not a great place to ride. Lots of trucks and quads. A much better place is Lawrence County Recreational Park just south of Bloomington.

It is $15 per day but worth the price and the drive. There are single and double trails marked for direction that are challenging. A local club maintains and changes the trails. No trucks are allowed but there are quads but it is never crowded. If you run the trails, you can ride all day and not see anyone else.

I started riding in Colorado 25 years ago and just last year got my DRZE after being away from dirt bikes for 20 years. The main reason was that just were not many placed to ride in Indiana. You just have to look a little harder and be willing to travel some.

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