Oil hose leaking


One of my oil hoses from the frame is leaking. Is there a way I can repair these or do I need to buy new ones? They are $50.00 ea from Yamaha. :thumbsup:

Nevermind it's leaking from the frame. It's leaking form a weld towards the top of the frame under the fuel tank. How does the oil in the frame tank flow and why is it getting that high up there? Am I over full? I put 1.2L in and after running the level on the dipstick is a little bellow the full dot.

I put 1.27 Quarts in mine, (1.2L) and mine, after warming it up for a minute, is right at the top of the mark before overfill, so thats perfect. I wouldnt imange its a overfill problem anyways.

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